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Oct 10 2021

Wireless Internet Off Grid

Xplornet and StarLink in an off grid situation. For most folks getting away from the city it is ...
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MC4 Compatible?

Miss matched PV Connectors. Hey folks, for a long time I believed that this issue was just a ...
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Feb 6 2021

Fake Electrical Equipment That Is Cheap And Dangerous!!

This is to all the folks who are doing their online shopping for off grid equipment from sites ...
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Jan 1 2021

ELWA Hot Water Using DC MPPT Controller.

No Batteries. Use solar power directly for domestic water heating. ELWA is a 2 kW photovoltaic water heating ...
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May 5 2020

Buying Used PV Modules

Used Solar Panels, Buyer Beware There seems to be a lot of used solar panels on the market ...
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Apr 19 2020

Reduce generator use in construction

Working Construction With Reduced Generator Time With quality renewable energy products at pricing as low as they have ...
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