To all who are thinking of starting to purchase components for an off-grid system.

  • Don’t piece meal your equipment together without consulting with a professional.
  • Don’t fall for huge sales, where sale prices that are not really a sale.
  • Don’t hesitate to look for Canadian approvals on the equipment. The CE cert is meaningless in North America.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the sales-people for their knowledge and background.
  • Don’t believe in the claim that someone sells an all inclusive solar package.
  • Don’t do your research on You-tube.
  • Don’t buy cheap energy storage that may set your home on fire.


  • Talk to a knowledgeable electrician before you start.
  • Ask your ESA inspector before finding out you may be on the wrong course.
  • Get expert advice for the proper materials.
  • Do design your off-grid system with expansion in mind.
  • Do make sure you are dealing with a reputable person / company.
  • Be aware that PV modules produce DC electricity that can be more dangerous than AC power.

Here is a link to the ESA website to show you all the acceptable certification marks.