Our Projects


4.8 kW Ground Mount


Feltham Road – Thessalon

120/240 V off grid system.
Year round dwelling system.
3.785 W PV modules. 6000 W pure sine wave inverter.
All household appliances.
Dishwasher, fridge, freezer, deep well pump, and it works great!

project 1
project 2

Pine Island – Algoma

10 kW nameplate Net Metering .
36 X 305 W net metering system.
Performing awesome.

River Road – Thessalon

10 kW micro Fit. 63 Degree roof challenge.
Awesome performance.
River Road, Huron Shores.

project 3
project 4

Speer Project

10 kW/hr nameplate Micro-FIT project built in the summer of 2009.
20 Year contract @ 80.2 cent per kW/hr