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Feb 22 2022

Equalizing And Corrective Equalization

EQUALIZATION: Individual cell readings will vary slightly in specific gravity after a charging cycle. Equalization, or a “controlled ...
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Feb 19 2022

Greener Homes Grant Canada

Finally a federal grant that allows off grid home owners to access as well.
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Feb 5 2022

Battery Health And Proper Charge Rates For Lead Acid Based Off Grid Batteries.

Batteries designed to be used in off grid applications need the proper charge current and maximum discharge current ...
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Jan 9 2022

How Much Electricity Harvest Can You Expect From An Off Grid System?

There is a big difference between the actual energy harvest and the possible energy harvest when relying on ...
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Dec 29 2021

AC Coupling In An Off Grid Solar Installation

In the off grid world AC Coupling may be a wonderful addition to expand your systems capabilities by ...
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Nov 24 2021

Questions You Should Ask Your Off Grid Equipment Supplier Before Making A Purchase.

There are a good many good off grid suppliers out there here in Canada, but it appears there ...
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