EG4 Hybrid AC/DC Solar Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump


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Hybrid – AC/DC Driven
Power from the grid or PV array – No inverter, battery, or charge controller necessary!
120V or 240V AC for backup power, but it is not required to run the unit.

100% energy saving in the daytime.
Daytime power comes directly from solar.
Plug and Play
MC4 Connectors attach directly to PV wire.
AC grid power limiter
AC power mode, DC power mode, AC+DC mix power supply (AC/DC Auto Balance)

Refrigerant Pre-Loaded(Self-contained in outdoor unit, please see installation manual for commissioning)
Wide operating temperature (-10℃ to 58 ℃)
Highly Efficient
Perfect for off-grid, solar, or energy-efficient projects!

EG 4 Minisplit Specs 12000

EG 4 Minisplit Specs 24000

Additional information

EK 4 Mini Split

EG 4 12000BTU, Eg 4 24000 BTU