Thermo Dynamics TDL PVSB Controller



TDL PVSB Instructions-1

The Control Box (PV) module

The PVSB (photovoltaic Solar Boiler) control panel consists of 1. one or two power boards, 2. a control
board and 3. an input-output board. The control panel regulates the voltage of the array of PV modules.
While in operation the control panel maintains the voltage of the PV array at a fixed value, while
varying the voltage to the heater as the intensity of the solar radiation increase and decreases. In other
words, the control panel acts as a DC- DC transformer, with a fixed primary voltage (the PV array
voltage) and a variable secondary voltage (the heater voltage).
One power board is used for systems employing up to 1500 watts-peak (Wp) of PV power. A second
power board is employed for systems employing from 1500 to 3000 Wp of PV power.