ECOMBI Thermal Mass Storage Heater


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Technical features
►► Silent performance.
►► Temperature sensor with calibration option.
►► Overheating protection at storage heating.
►► Safety thermostat with manual reset.
►► Predictive heating element made of Aluminium.
►► Storage heating elements made of stainless steel.
►► Michrotherm G 12mm insulation, vermiculite and
ecological fibre.
►► Front, side and real air isolating chambers.
►► Storage core made of a specially designed material
►► Steel structure powder coated in epoxy RAL 9010.
►► Robust plastic fittings.
►► Easy to install on any kind of wall.
►► Very intuitive keyboard with lock option.
►► Compatible with two-period off peak electric tariff in
a single 24-hour interval.
►► Daily and weekly programming.
►► Deferred storage energy option.
►► Storage, Combined storage, Convection, Frost
protection and Automatic ECOMBI operation modes
can be set up.
►► Weekly programming.
►► Visual alarm.

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ECO158, ECO208, ECO308, ECO408