“Complete Off Grid Systems”

To all of you who are in the market to purchase electrical off grid components, please talk to someone who knows what is required to provide you with a well functioning, safe and expandabe system. The so called “Complete System Kits” are most often incomplete.

The most common shortcomings are:

Undersized or oversized PV arrays to keep the batteries healthy for many years to come.

Charge controllers that are not approved for residential use.

Inverter chargers that do not bear the necessary approvals.

Missing DC circuit breakes and cabeling.

Inferior batteries, if any. No battery cables or wrong wire gauge.

Miss matched connectors, potentionaly leading to fires.

No rails and fasteners.

The missing components will oftentimes add thousends of dollars and cause delays for your project. So be sure to check every aspect of the system you may want to consider buying before you spend your hard earned money only to find out it will not do the job for you.