6000XP All-In-One Off-Grid
Meet the LXP6K Hybrid Inverter – your all-in-one power solution for solar projects! This innovative hybrid seamlessly blends grid-tied and off-grid capabilities, removing the need for charge controllers or transformers. With extensive certifications, it’s a versatile powerhouse that complies with electrical regulations.

LXP6K Hybrid Inverter – the powerhouse for your energy needs. This innovative inverter allows PV and AC to share the load jointly, features a wide PV input voltage range, and accommodates both single-phase and unbalanced 3-phase configurations. Its unique ability to parallel up to 16 units ensures scalable power solutions, while the automatically generated host inverter efficiently manages the entire system. With a versatile 240V/120V output, it operates intelligently in off-grid and hybrid modes. Additionally, a dedicated generator port adds an extra layer of flexibility, making the LXP6K a top choice for robust and adaptive energy solutions.

5 Year Warrany
The LUXPOWER lSP6K does not have the UL 9540 certification with LIFEPO batteries yet.
Not suitable for net metering projects.
The LUXPOWER lSP6K does have ACFI protection.


Luxpower 6K Manual

Constructional Data Report