-Low Total Cost of Ownership
-Long life cycles reduces cost of average life expectancy;
-High energy efficiency reduces procurement costs;
-Small size, it need less space for the same capacity;
-Maintenance-free brings lower cost.
-High Adaptability to Environment
-The operation temperature range is from -10℃ to 50℃;
-It is suitable for frequent outages and no memory effect;
-It is designed for dustproof structure.
-Intelligent Battery Management System
-Each single module is designed for load distribution;
-Intelligent design makes charging mode can be adjusted according to
battery charging status automatically ;
-The lossless and equalization charging technology makes charging current adjustable;
-The central processor design, cooperates with multiple monitoring modules:
can fully monitoring battery information.
-High Safety standards
-The battery passed drop and collision test;
-The battery will be not burn or explode in case of a puncture, heat and
other extreme statues;
-Multiple safety protection, it provides protection function in high current, voltage, or temperature.kW/hrPylontech