PV module price index: Prices set to rise back to 2019 levels

Here are the bad news: PV modules will be caught up in the global wave of inflation. After a very brief reprieve, prices are picking up again for almost all module technologies. But the changes recorded for early October are insignificant compared to the price increases still to come. As of the cut-off date for this market survey, some manufacturers had already announced even more significant upward corrections for future deliveries. The price adjustments shown in the October index are therefore only a tentative start to rises of no less than 15-20% over the price levels that prevailed just a few weeks ago. However, this will probably be the last price correction we can expect at the manufacturer level until the end of the year. Additionally, for anyone who has run into trouble with different module sizes, solar panels are going to get larger once more. So if you have an existing array and are looking for an esthetically pleasing addition to your system, buy your matching modules soon.

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