HES 275W Module, 60 Cell, MONO





HES-275-60PV-MC solar modules are made using only the highest quality poly-crystalline solar cells, designed and manufactured by industry leading suppliers. Three bus bar technology provides world class performance reliability. High transmission textured glass is used to take advantage of increased light diffusion and snowshedding abilities. Finally, anodized aluminum frame creates a rigid body to support the module in any application, residential/commercial rooftop to utility scale ground mount, and tracking systems.
HES-275-60PV-MC Features:

  • Power Excellence: guaranteed positive output tolerance from [ 0 : +5 W]
  • 4 Bus Bar Tech: improved performance reliability
  • High-Quality Components: 4 bus bars, high transmission glass, anodized aluminum frame
  • Reliable: 25 Year performance guarantee, 10 Year limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 40.5 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 65 × 1.4 in