Cybo Micro Inverter For Water Heating

$2,300.00 $1,990.00


The World’s First Off-Grid Solar
Mini-Inverter for Water Heaters
Specially Designed for Powering
Dual-Element Electric Water
Heaters and Heating Elements.
Reduces Electricity Bills, Avoids
High Tier Rates, and Quick ROI.
Four DC Input Channels with
Maximum Power Point Tracking.
Easy Installation and Great Price.
High Efficiency and Long Life.
CyboInverter-CIM-1200H-Spec-Sheet-Rev-6.0-July-2019[29842]Much Easier to Install than
Thermal Solar Water Heaters.
Each CyboInverter (CI-Mini-1200H) can connect to 4 solar panels and produce up to 1250W AC to
power the lower heating element of a dual-element electric water heater with easy wiring to the heater.