Myths And Truths About Solar Panels

Myths and Truths About Solar Panels.

Myths debunked

  • There is a myth that PV Modules (Solar Panels) act like a micro wave. Modules mounted on your roof will eventually cook your brains and cause cancer.                    This sounds like a conspiracy theory.  (Sorry, I have to laugh.) There is no scientific evidence to support any of this.
  • Solar panels wear out fast.                 There is nothing to wear out in a PV module. The only degradation that a panel will develop over its expected lifetime (30 years) is caused by etching of the glass from grid and dust in the air.
  • Solar panels from Asia are junk.                      Let’s be honest here, yes there were poor modules produced at one point years ago. However, these manufacturers have been long out of the game. No company can make a poor quality module and stay in business.
  • Solar panels can be charging batteries at night from the moonlight.               No way, the reflection of sunlight from the moon is very minimal. However, if a firefighter shines a strong light onto a solar array it is possible to raise the voltage in an array enough to be dangerous to a human being. 
  • Solar panels break easy.                    Nope, the only broken modules I have ever seen were due to mishandling by human beings.

There are probably a few more of these funnies out there I cannot think of at this moment. If you know of any, please drop me an e-mail and I will add it to this post.

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