Fake Electrical Equipment That Is Cheap And Dangerous!!

This is to all the folks who are doing their online shopping for off grid equipment from sites that have nothing but their profit in mind. Your safety is not in their interest at all.

Have you ever wondered that most electrical equipment feels solid and quiet heavy for its size? Well, there is most of the time a good reason for it. Let’s talk about circuit breakers. Circuit breakers have two components that insure it will open the circuit under fault conditions.

  • A bi-metal actuator that is actually part of the circuit will heat up, start bending and eventually triggering the tripping mechanism if the load amps continually exceed more than 80 % of the circuit breaker rating.
  • A magnetic plunger will cause the breaker to trip in case of a short circuit.
  • A third component of a breaker is a small chamber where the arc form interrupting the circuit is being extinguished.

Quiet an elaborate piece of equipment ……

And then you go online and purchase breakers without the proper approvals? Think again!!

This does not require an explanation I hope!

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