Electricity. The Very Basics

Electricity. The Very Basics Explained.

First and foremost, this post by no means will prepare you to do electrical work safely. Leave that to the professionals please.

This post is just to clarify 4 terms that some folks are throwing around and not really understand what they mean. The most basic terms are:

Volt, Ohm, Ampere and Watt. Compare these terms to maybe compressed air.

Volt: The voltage is the equivalent to the air pressure. The more Volts (PSI) in the line the more air you can push through.

Ampere: The amperage is the equivalent of the air flow. For a little flow you can use a little line and if you want higher volumes you need a larger diameter line. More Amperes needs a bigger wire.

Ohm:  Ohm is the unit of measure to express the resistance of a device. If you partially close the air supply to your air powered tool you make it harder for the air to do the job. Hence, you are increasing the resistance.

Watt: The wattage is the result of the multiplication of the Voltage (Pressure) and Amperage (Flow). So an amperage of 2 AMPS (2 Liters) at a voltage of 120 Volt (120 PSI) = 240 Watt (Amount of energy used)

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