Cutting Down On Generator Time

Cutting Down On Generator Time

Most “Off-gridders” are very much concerned about the state of charge of their batteries and consequently expected battery life.

Out with your Camper or at your cottage, there comes a time where after 4 days of clouds your batteries are running a bit low.  No sunshine in the forecast you decide bite the bullet and get the generator out.

Find the 6 Amp or 10 Amp car charger to run the generator for a hours and hours on end to get the charge level of the batteries back to where it should be. You hate the noise, you hate the stink and the wildlife around you hates you.

There is no magic trick to make electricity out of thin air, but there are a variety of fast battery chargers available that can dramatically cut down on your generator run time. They come in varieties of 12 and 24 V right up to 48 V and 90 Amp DC charge-current. These fast chargers also have far superior charge characteristics than regular battery chargers. They are geared towards deep cycle batteries.

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