Complete Cottage Systems

Complete Cottage Systems?

Buyer beware!

In general I would like to mention that there is no universal kit. Each situation and requirement needs to be taken into consideration individually. Most often, the outcome is very different from one location to another. Different sunshine hours, roof orientation, roof pitch, shading issues, year round or seasonal use and many more factors. Over and over again I end up talking to people who tell me what kind of super deal they saw on the internet for “Complete Cottage Systems” How do you argue with that?

Well, having done some research myself and also seen some “Complete Cottage Systems” with my own eyes,


Many times these systems are far from “Complete”. In many instances there are no batteries included, rails and fasteners missing. No home run cables, no MC4 connectors and and and………

The devil seems to be in the detail. Also you must be aware that there are companies that are not in your jurisdiction. If a company from California is designing a system for you, do you think they investigate what the local electrical code for Ontario is? They don’t care if you end up with extra, too few or unsuitable components. Than try to get your money back for stuff you installed and have to remove it because your inspector says NO.

As usual, our motto is and always will be:

We Are Not Amazon

Here is an example for a

Our Kisae Off Grid Cabin kit includes:

  • 1  – 300 watt solar panel with roof mounting kit
  • 1 – Kisae 2000 watt Power Panel
  • 2  – AGM batteries – capacity: 2.4 kWh (200Ah@12V)

Wow, what’s missing?

  • Charge Controller
  • Circuit breakers or fuses
  • Home-run PV cables
  • Rapid shut down or combiner
  • Battery and inverter cables
  • Ring terminals
  • Grounding lug
  • Fasteners for mounting kit
  • Flashing for shingles
  • Critter guard

If you read this carefully, I hope you agree that “Complete” does not necessary mean Complete.

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